The Kitten is having trouble climbing down.

by Joseph Marcelo

The Kitten is having trouble climbing down.

The Kitten is having trouble climbing down.

I took a shot of my kitten having trouble getting down after climbing very high in that tree!

Then I used black and white effects as I read the tips here. (Black and white photography tips)

I just want to test it out and I see the big difference of colored and Black and White pictures.


from Manila, Philippines.

It's always nice to see photographers putting into practice some of the tips here on the site.

Sometimes they work out well, and sometimes not.

But the important thing is that something new was tried, and a new skill has been learnt.

And if it didn't work out for the particular shot you tried it on at least you know what to do, and you can try again on a future shot.

Thanks for the submission Joseph, and I hope the kitten got down OK!


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