Taxi Sir

by Ron

Taxi Sir

Taxi Sir

When cruising for our Golden wedding celebration we visited Tunisa.

As we left the dock gates my wife and I were mobbed by local taxi drivers. Overawed by the experience we returned inside the protection of the dock gates.

By one of the sheds was this Camel owner, as it was about a mile back to the ship we asked if he would give us a ride back. He was so amused that two geriatric Europeans should want to mount camels that he agreed, he got a good tip into the bargain.

Tunisia is a fascinating country to experience. And getting mobbed by local taxi drivers (and spice sellers, and bead sellers, and silk sellers, and . . . !) is all part of that experience.

Well done Ron for getting this photo of the "taxi" back to the safety of the dock!

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Mar 07, 2008
post processing
by: Anonymous

Great subject in many ways (the guy, camel lying, the colorful doors, etc).

I would straighten it up a bit (rotate, crop, photoshop warp or distort, etc). Would also colorize the two right doors a little.

Agree with the camel's nose comment.

Feb 28, 2008
by: Amit

The photograph is great, no doubt. But the croping done is little high.

I would have placed the camel and the man a little on the left side of the frame so that viewer could see the full face of the camel.

This would also leave just little space on the right to let the viewer's eyes imagine what the camel is looking at..!

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