by K..
(Cavite, Philippines)

Sunsets look terrific, but are strangely difficult to capture in photos. Somehow, the magic gets lost.

So what is needed for a good sunset?

Well, first of all a good sunset to begin with, and, with the greatest of respect, I don’t think this is really it!

A good sunset has some good clearly defined cloud, and this shot only has weak hazy clouds. It also has deep saturated colours, and this example has only pale colours.

The colours might be improved a little using software – head for the “contrast” setting first, and increase the level of contrast. Then go for the “saturation” control, and move it up a bit. Don’t go too far with either of these controls or the image will “posterize”.

The other element of a good sunset is some sort of foreground interest, and in silhouette if possible. Here, we’re beginning to get this with the railings and the palm trees.

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Jan 17, 2008
by: Kathy

I would have waited a couple of minutes to get a bit more color. The pinks and oranges don't start until the sun gets closer to the horizon. Setting the ISO to the lowest possible number (200 on the digital Pentax I use, will get you better color saturation. I have had good luck just shooting continuously until it is too dark. One or two will usually have good color. And a tripod helps. Keep shooting.

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