by James

Took this by the beach the other day.

Curious to what you guys might think of it...

Personally, I rather like it!

In black and white photography terms there is little reason here to get the black and white toolkit out.

But, there is an old car in there, and for some reason if there is something old in a photo it's like giving permission to use the black and white treatment!

What I do like is the scene itself. I don't know why, but something as ordinary as a guy pushing a car shouldn't on the face of it be particularly photogenic. But it does work.

If we were being picky we would say that the car in the foreground is blocking the guy pushing the car. And the new cars in the background are getting in the way.

Oh yes, and the lady across the street just staring is a bit of a distraction. But you know what, this isn't a staged photo - just a moment of time captured.

And that moment of time has been captured rather nicely.

So, my opinion in summary; technically not the best, but for sheer interest, lovely!

Thanks for the submission James.


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