Snow Fall

by Sandhya


This picture was taken while it was snowing heavily. I wanted to cover the lake flowing and big tress without leaves.

Just wanted to show the other side of snow falls, rather than just whites alone.

Nice shot! What I particularly like about Sandhya's photo is the use of lead in lines.

Lead in lines are a good compositional technique for photographers because they draw the viewer into the picture. Quite literally, they 'lead' you into the photo.

Imagine Sandhya's photo with just snow at the bottom - a huge swathe of white. Not very interesting, is it?

But include the water, creating that nice sweeping line into the photo, and bingo, what a difference!

Being a winter scene it's particularly suited to black and white photography too. It gives the photo an added sense of starkness. And the lack of leaves on the trees add nicely to this feeling too.

All in all, great photo. Thanks for the submission.


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