Snack time

by Boštjan Rudolf
(Koper, Slovenia)

The photo was take on the fisherman's dock. I saw the cat hiding behind the wooden bars and waiting to eat.

I take some photos from different angles and this I prefer most.

An interesting shot - there's quite a lot going on in it, and it makes the viewer have a good old look!

Boštjan's shot has some classic features of good photography:

  • Made use of the "golden hour"– this has resulted in good saturated colours. Read about the "golden hour" (it’s tip 2)
  • The scene has some diagonal lines (from the shadows)
  • The main subject is in good focus, whilst the foreground and background are blurred – this helps the viewer concentrate on the subject.

I would make use of the crop tool here though. There’s quite a lot of dead space at the bottom and to the right of the photo. I’m sure some of it can be cropped out.

I’m also a little unsure as to whether I like the shadow half way across the cat’s face.

All in all though, I like the shot. Thanks Boštjan!

(Feel free to make your own comments on Boštjan’s work – Ed.)

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Feb 06, 2011
Fill the frame

Too much clutter. Focusing closer in on the cat would have improved it significantly.

I had trouble even finding the cat at first.

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