Serene Symmetry

by Thabet-Abbas Burias

This was shot early in the morning the day after we went to the beach for my daughter's birthday party.

I woke up before sunrise to scout where the sun would rise, but unfortunately, it was on the other side of the island, so I decided to look for long-exposure opportunities instead.

This is a crop of one of the first RAW shots of the set. I had to crop, since I only have a 50mm prime lens and I was up on a cliff/hill when I took the shot.

I then converted the RAW to black and white to tune out the distracting and blue tint of the pre-dawn opposite the sunrise.

Like the photo - but I definitely can't work out where the sunrise or beach is!

Interesting abstract photo and I like it a lot. Part of the attraction is that it's not obvious what this is a photo of (maybe Thabet can help us out there).

Photos where you need to think a little always work well, and this photo certainly got me thinking!

Thanks for the submission,


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