Seeking out your creativeness through abstract work

by Jay Smith



*I apologize for the loss of sharpness in the image* I wrote this article on my other laptop and had to copy the image from my facebook page.

Now that we have that out of the way - are you ready to learn something? Abstract, why is it that people gravitate towards abstract art?

When going abstract you have to realize that it isn’t for everyone, whereas, say landscape is something that all people are drawn to.

What I like about abstract art is that it makes you look –think – and ponder – you form your own interpretation. You can search out your meaning of what the artist is trying to convey and that is why abstract stands out to me.

How do you go about doing abstract photography?

It requires a keen eye and through post processing you can use things such as textures, colors, tones, and more too creative an ordinary image into an abstract image.

Again don't overdo it but then again have fun with it and try new things. If you have the same image try several different things – keep them all.

Abstract is about being loud, odd, crazy, weird, I mean you can describe as you wish, but one thing for certain is that you are bound to grab attention with it.

I have been getting more into abstract prints lately and have gotten great feedback.

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