Secret Garden

by Ehreca

I wanted to capture the interest of the reader absorbed in her book as well as reveal the title of the novel.

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This is a really nice photo, and nicely converted to black and white too. Click for more black and white digital photography tips

Things that make this photo a good one are the fact that we can see the reader's eyes. If this were a side on photo much of the impact would have been lost.

Also good is that the book is open just enough so that we, the viewers, can see what book the subject is so absorbed in.

In terms of portrait photography this is excellent. Often portrait photography needs a prop. Something that tells us a little about the subject.

If the person you are photographing has a hobby, use it in the photo. In this case it seems the subject here loves books, and her book becomes the prop.

Other good aspects of this photo, especially with regard to portrait photography, is that Ehreca has zoomed in close to the subject. This usually makes for a better portrait.

I wonder if Ehreca staged this photo a little. It would have been difficult I think to get this close to the subject, and leave the book open just enough to reveal the title, without some planning.

This is no bad thing. At the end of the day Ehreca wanted a photo of her subject absorbed in a book – and that is exactly what she has got.

Well done Ehreca, nice portrait!


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