Seaweed Farmer

by rollCENN
(Pagadian City, Philippines)

Seaweed Farmer, Philippines

Seaweed Farmer, Philippines

A seaweed farmer in the island of Olutanga, Mindanao, Philippines.

A couple of things struck me about this photo - first of all was how sunny it is (as I write this it's still pouring with rain here!!!), and secondly, seaweed?

A quick look around on the internet tells me that seaweed farming is big business.

Not only that, seaweed is healthy stuff and maybe we should all be eating more of it?

To be honest, my experience of eating seaweed extends little further than supermarket sushi, but apparently you can make bread with it, and even milky seaweed tea!

Photo wise, it's nice to see some depth in this picture - the close up 'huts' and then more stretching out into the distance.

It's also nice to see some cloud in this photo.

It's a strange thing, but blue skies look better in photography when there is some cloud in them.

Thanks for the submission. I'm off to look up some more seaweed recipes...


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