Sad statues

by Richard Palmer
(Somerset, UK)

I took this in my garden.

Never really liked these statues but by getting low down and taking the picture from the side, I think I captured the melancholy look on her face with just the impression of her matching pair in the background.

Really like this picture.

It's a funny thing when you lie down on the ground. First, you feel relaxed! And second, you start to see the world completely differently.

Just like Richard here. Getting down low gives a whole new perspective, and suddenly a mundane scene takes on a whole new lease of life.

I've done it myself many times and it's always worth giving it a try.

You could also try the top down angle (things can look very different top-down), the flat on the floor camera angle, looking straight up, and finally the shot from behind.

They are all different ways of looking at things, and often there are great photos to be had there.

There's a digital photography tutorial on shooting angles here. Have a read, and follow Richard's example, try taking some photos from new angles!

Thanks for the submission,


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