Saadi Tomb, shiraz, iran.

by jude momajjed
(Liverpool, UK.)

Sa'adi Tomb, Shiraz.

Sa'adi Tomb, Shiraz.

I was on holiday in Iran and visited Shiraz. This photo is the tomb of a famous Persian poet called Saadi. I think it is a beautiful country and love the colours captured here.

This photo was actually taken last year before I got into photography on a normal digi camera!!

I had no control over aperture, shutter speed ISO etc. and literally pointed and shot! I think it came out very well. (especially for a hot midday sun pic) it's not too bright and still very colourful.

My tips would be, see and shoot!

Anything u see and like the look of, just take a pic! why not? u can always delete it.

Don't just take pics of the sea, the theme parks, the pool etc., I like the grim side streets, people, locals, angles, perspective, night shots, and if u can...get up early, pics early before the sun comes out are usually much better.

Take pictures from different angles AT different angles, get down low and point up and same goes for being above and pointing down.

Also, reflection and shadows make beautiful pics, so look out for those!

Take spare batteries and get 2 or more memory cards of at least 1gb!

Have fun, shoot away and BE CREATIVE!

Shiraz is one of Iran's larger cities, and is known for being a city of poets (and apparently also a city of wine and flowers), and Saadi is probably the most famous of these poets.

Iranians consider Shiraz a city of gardens, and from Jude's photo we can see why. Saadi's tomb appears to be surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Thanks for the many tips here, Jude. It should give plenty of us food for thought!


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Mar 07, 2008
straighten up
by: Anonymous

I would straighten up the shot a bit - eg, the stairs. Would have lightened up the pic a little, esp the greenery. Would have gotten rid of the partial pots in foreground. Good shot though.

Mar 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

Hi Jude,

coincindently I'm Iraninan and citizen of Shiraz. I'm so glad that you are pleased with Iran and Iranis.

By the way I've just heard about London Eye. I'll be so gratful if you can post some pictures and information.


Tahereh Rad

Feb 28, 2008
Good Foreground effect
by: Amit

Great Photo to have lots of trees around the main subject.

The foreground of the bushes has also created the desired effect.

The line of the bushes leads us to the subject.

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