by Andrew Court
(Johannesburg South Africa)

The morning of a fishing competition often provides some interesting pics. I loved what the sky was doing and I loved the guys preparing their gear on the boats in the foreground.

I had to do some levels work in photoshop to bring out more foreground definition and enhance the vibrance but overall I was fairly happy with the result which is quite surreal.

The sky really is amazing, as are the trees on the shoreline. At first glance it looks like a photo composed of three separate images - sky, trees and boats.

But then I don't live in Johannesburg! Maybe this is the sort of scene that South Africans are lucky enough to wake up to every day. Which makes me very jealous!

I think the levels adjustments made in Photoshop work well here. I assume the guys in the front were a little dark in the original and needed some brightening up.

Whatever the adjustments made it has definitely resulted in a great photo. Well done!


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