Palm Tree

by JoÃo
(SÃo Gonçalo, RJ, Brazil)

I wanted to take a nice shot of this palm tree. I took this one, against the sun, making it a silhouette.

The original blue sky didn't look as good as I thought it could be, so I converted it to black and white to see how it would look like.

That's the result. :-)

This submission was originally posted to the digital photography tutorials page, but we felt that it was too good not to include on the black and white photography pages – so here it is!

We especially like the sun shining through the palm fronds, almost creating a starburst effect.

The punchy black and white effect is good – very contrasty, leaving a good silhouette of a palm tree set against some dramatic clouds.

We haven't seen the colour original, but we imagine the black and white version is the superior shot.

Thanks JoÃo for the submission.

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