"Out of breath"

by Christine A. Hazelwood
(Mays Landing, N.J. (USA))

my gog Bustah

my gog Bustah

My Dog Bustah

I just took him for a walk and he ran until he was out of breath. So, I decided to take his picture

That looks like one tired dog!

I like this photo – perfect in black and white. It would be interesting to find out from Christine how she created the black and white effect here. So Christine, please do add a comment in the box below and let us know!

The reason I ask is that it has lots of contrast – really black blacks, and bright whites. This always gives black and white pictures more 'punch'.

The simplest method of converting a colour photo to black and white is to de-saturate the image. But better results are gained by using the channel mixer, or by boosting the contrast after de-saturating the photo.

All in all though, this makes a great black and white photo. Thanks Christine for the submission,


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