Old Country Barn

by Cheri Ingram
(Peachtree City GA)

This is a picture of an old barn and I really thought the yellow flowers looked real pretty in front of the barn.

I first took the picture just standing straight in front of the barn with the flowers on the ground. It looked good, but then I got down on the ground and shot the picture looking up at the flowers with the barn in the background.

I think the flowers were more effective looking at it this way.

Any suggestions?

To be honest, I don’t really have many suggestions to offer here.

There’s an interesting angle (much better I suspect than the head-on shot), the flowers are colourful and really add to the scene, and the bright blue sky adds a nice touch.

I can almost imagine lying in that meadow on a warm summers’ afternoon relaxing. And if a photo can invoke a feeling of warmth like that then there must be something good about it.

So I say well done!

If anyone else has any comments by all means use the comment form below.

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Old Country Barn
by: Jim

It is quite a good composition! Take a look at the story it tells. The surviving half of the roof is closer to the foreground and the half away from you is in tatters...indicating age as we progress onward. The upper doors are holding together on the left (closer to the viewer) while the opposite edge, toward the vanishing point, is falling down. The young, lovely flowers are in the fg while the aged, mature trees are in the bg, and the overall direction is from the ground to the sky. Quite a story!

Love it!!!
by: Anonymous

This is, by far, my favorite picture of the day!

Your Photo
by: Lori Arnold

I view alot of pictures, and I want to say that this is well done! I consider myself a professional photographer..this has got charm, color and some mystery to it!

I love it!

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