Nikon Coolpix 990

by Bill Blanchette
(Manchester N.H.)

First Digital Camera

First Digital Camera

Bought it from a friend for 500.00 It still was selling for 900.00 dollars in the stores at the time (2001) I got the batteries & charger and 2 memory cards I thought it was a great deal.

I still have the camera. I had to send it to Nikon about 4 years ago to have the battery door repaired when I got it back the automatic zoom didn't work.

I had to send it back and Nikon took care of the problem. Except that I must have some pixel problems or dust on the sensor have a little pink spot the shows up in the photos but thats easy to correct in photoshop.

The only other problem with the 990 is the internal battery doesn't keep the time and date. I'm keeping it because I think it take very good macro photos.

I also have a Cannon PowerShot A630 not such a great camera but an OK point and shoot. Took the photo of the Nikon 990 with the Cannon.

Looking to purchase a DSLR when I have some extra cash. That's enough for now BillB

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