my mothers designs

by Dani
( Philippines)

My Mom designs bags and she asked me to take a few photos of them so that she could put a portfolio together.

I just grabbed a few bags a time, choosing the ones whose colors I thought complemented each other.

I decided to add the vase in for some extra visual effect, and I took the photo in our living room.

I just arranged everything on the floor next to our sliding door at an angle.

This is a nicely executed shot. And interesting subject matter – it’s not often we get to cast our critical eyes across home-made handbags!

In a technical sense, the shot is ok. The soft lighting is good, and the colours are complimentary. Perhaps, just perhaps, too complementary?

Outside the window we are tantalised by a glimpse of greenery. Could the odd green leaf have been brought in to balance the shot? Perhaps a seasonal flower from the garden sitting inside an open handbag?

As a photo to advertise the handbags, I think your Mom should be proud of the results. As a creative shot, I’m just not sure>

It’s not that there is anything wrong with Dani’s photo. Technically it ticks a lot of boxes – rule of thirds, complimentary colours . . . what do other’s think?


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Feb 03, 2012
Take your time composing
by: Ryan

I think maybe you need to spend more time composing your shot. Since you are trying to promote your moms handmade craft you dont want to block it with a vase... especially in the middle of it.

Try placing the vase somewhere else...move it around a little bit and experiment. You can add something else also like a plant or flower or if your mom has more handbags with different can mix it together for contrast.

You can probably set the handbag also maybe outdoors with nice background of nature. Make the picture very interesting.

Jan 23, 2008
is the vase for sale?
by: Anonymous

I think the everything is good except the vase seems to overpower the handbags.

From an advertising point of view , I might think the vase was the main focal point of your ad.

Jan 06, 2008
Nice enough

I think this photograph is nice enough. I think because Dani just grabbed some bags and started taking photos it is OK.

I could see this photograph in a magazine. It is good enough to be there.

Dani, maybe you could also do more photos of other things too? I am thinking that a "montage" could look very nice. Lots of photographs put together to make one big picture. Maybe lots of photographs around your house could look good.

These are just my opinions.

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