My Lil' Dirtroad Princess

by Alicia Steiner

My daughter and I were on a slow Sunday afternoon drive down a dirt-road. I was in the cab of the truck and glanced back at her.

I loved the expression on her face, serene & curious all at once. I wondered what she must be thinking at that moment?

Like many site visitors I guess, I think this is a lovely photo.

The positioning is perfect - the daughter on the left of the photo with the truck in the foreground and the dirt-road disappearing into the distance.

So often positioning your subject on one side of the photo or another will give you a better composition than slapping the subject bang in the middle.

That does work, sometimes. But more often than not the rule of thirds works better!

I like the soft glow added (I assume it was added afterwards?) too - it gives the photo a surreal and wistful look.

A soft glow can easily be added using software if you want to try the technique you could head over to pixlr, the free online editing program, load up a photo, and then choose filter and then glamour glow in the drop down list.

Some people aren't too happy about adding effects in post processing. Personally I think, if it's tastefully done, it can really make a photo. You can read my thoughts on post processing here, and make your own mind up on that one.

The black and white effect? Well, I think that also works well - especially with that soft glow.

All in all a nice photo!

Except ... clearly this is an oversight, but the photo needs to be rotated 90 degrees so that it's portrait, not landscape.

No problem if you're using a tablet, but really annoying if you're on a desktop!

Thanks for the submission Alicia.


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