Mustek Gsmart mini 3

by Vince Vella

Mustek Gsmart Mini 3 digital camera

Mustek Gsmart Mini 3 digital camera

Bought in 2003. Very small camera, with no flash. Had 2 megapixel CCD, 3.2 MP with interpolation.

It was just an experimental camera that I bought, nothing serious. But it did the job for me, and had fun photographing with it.

Very basic and cheap, and not a good quality camera.

Mustek have never been known for producing cameras, and the GSmart Mini didn't change this. It was designed to work closely with a computer – pictures could be transferred to the computer directly.

Because pictures could be seen on the computer screen the camera itself had no colour LCD display, so you were unable to see pictures taken on the camera itself. The only display on the camera gave shooting information.

But as a fun camera, pretty good – and, in 2003, not a bad way to get into digital photography. And it was very, very small.

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