Mountain Bluebird

by Jerry Leeper
(Bristol, TN)

What's that over my shoulder?!?

What's that over my shoulder?!?

I was visiting my daughter in California in 2007, and was walking around a place she was looking to rent.

The bluebird just landed on the fence and I snapped about 5 pictures and this one was in the mix.

I hand-held a Canon PowerShot S3 IS and was zoomed way out past the optical zoom, probably about 40x digital zoom. I was just point and shooting.

I know the clarity is not totally there because of the limitations of the camera, but I like the shot.

The only post-production I did was to crop it a little to get the bird out of the center of the photo.

Jerry submitted this shot to the 'Tutor' section of the site, but I couldn't think of any ways to improve this at all - so I've moved it here instead.

The only comment I had to make was the comment about post processing.

I won't go into detail here about my opinion on post processing. Suffice to say it's an area that tends to raise passions a bit.

If you are interested however, have a read of my thoughts on post processing.

Thanks for the submission Jerry.


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