by Joie



I wanted to capture my block-mate and I wanted her to look like a model.

She's on top of a table in our Botany Lab. I used the fluorescent light to have some effect.

I just used a digital camera and placed border by using Adobe Photostudio. ^^,

Well done Joie, this looks like a great image. The pose and the lighting are spot on - dramatic, and rugged!

My only criticism concerns the background - unfortunately my eye is constantly drawn to that yellow poster peeking out from behind your model.

I like the spot of yellow in the image (it adds to the overall feel of the photo), I just don’t like the way it is half hidden.

Perhaps if you had moved slightly to your right the poster could have been captured whole. I would have aimed to placed it half way between your model and the right side of your frame.

Well done to use a frame - It’s a great way to draw the viewer into the photo. A vignette is another way to draw the viewer in. Click to read a Photoshop tutorial on how to create a vignette effect.

Well done!

(As always, any other comments are most welcome - Ed)

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Jan 02, 2008

No real comments to make (already been said), just wanted to give your photo 5*s!

It's a great photo!

Jan 01, 2008
by: joie

What I did was to add border . . .

regarding the roughness, since I used Photostudio, I think I just clicked equalizer?!

But I think it just adjusted the saturation . . . which made the picture darker and better than the original. He he.

I have another picture where in I just used my cam phone, k550i. I'll post it.

Dec 31, 2007
Could be on a poster!

This is a really nice photo. I think it would make a good poster, maybe on an advert or something like that.

The photo has a rough gritty look to it. I think this makes it look even better.

Did you add this rough-ness yourself, or is that how the photo came out of the camera? If you did it yourself can you tell us how you did it?

Either way, I like the effect. It makes the photo have a bit of an edge to it.

Dec 27, 2007
I love this!

I really like this photo. It looks really professional. It looks like the sort of photo that you see in magazines!!!

Your friend has a good pose. She looks professional. I think this pose has helped make this photo great.

I didn't notice the yellow poster at first. And then it was pointed out. Now I can't stop looking at it!!!

I think maybe that's the only change to make - move the poster. Maybe that can be done in the software?

I really like your photo though. Do you have more like this?

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