Maui Sunrise

by Colleen
(San Diego, CA)

I took this picture in at Haleakala Crater. I did take the picture in color and converted it to B&W, but this is the only editing that I have done.

Now I will admit that I think this is one of those "lucky" shots, however I am really interested in photography and taking more than just lucky shots.

This really is an incredible shot - well done Colleen.

Being in the right place at the right time obviously helps; but then remembering to take a camera and knowing what to do with it also helps!

Thanks for the submission,


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by: Rake

I think it would have been better, if you have kept the photo in color itself. The Flares could have been seen in a more beautiful way with some minimalistic editing in the color correction side.

Maui Sunrise
by: Teresa

I have been to the top of this volcano and watched the sun rise-it's spectacular. I wished I had a camera in hand-as you did (good thinking btw), but instead had a bicycle to ride back down.

I think color in this case would be interesting, as it would center around the rising sun and tints in the clouds.

The volcano itself would be dark/silhouetted and therefore the sun would be accentuated even more. This is a very dramatic site and image. Look at your color image and then the B&W and see how you feel.

Ultimately, the photographer has the last word, as you are are sharing your vision with the world.

Please continue shooting - as with most photographers, our whole life we are looking for that perfect shot that know one else has done before.

Your Photo
by: Lori Arnold

So sorry, but I am not really fond of this shot. I happen to agree with the last comment, it would have been much better in color.

In retrospect, when you are using black and white, You need alot of contrast..this is sooo dark, it is hard to identify anythng in the shot other than the sun.

If I lived in such a beautiful place, Or visiting, Color would have came out much more identiflable in this peticular shot.

Do not take this personally, just as constructive critisizm please.

by: Paula

It's a good shot, although I think it would be better in color.

Another thing of photography, knowing when to use B&W. I think this one is certainly not the right time.

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