Lady in Blue

by Marci Biggs
(Cincinnati, OH)

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I just happened to get this shot trying to take another at a local craft / re-enactment fair.

That's what I love about digital photography; half of my shots I end up loving are not the ones I planned to take to start.

Just goes to show that there are photo opportunities all around us. Many would miss them altogether, others have developed a keen eye and can spot them - well done Marci for spotting this one!

I love that she is illuminated by a patch of sunlight and that the trees/path around her are in shade - it really makes her stand out.

The other thing I love is the fact that she is facing the 'wrong' way. Sometimes pictures tell the whole story; but there is something to be said about leaving some mystery in the air.

Because she's facing away from the camera it adds a little something to that mystery.

Personally this photo leaves me pondering a lot more about this lady and the whole scene than if we had seen everything.

And then there is the bare feet. It gives a nice rustic, natural feel to the photo. I've no idea why she might be wandering through the forest with a basket in one hand and bare feet; and again I'm left pondering!

Lovely shot Marci and thanks for the submission,

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