Kodak easy Share

by Ruth
(Kingman AZ)

All my friends had 1MP cameras when I decided to take the plunge and get one. Kodak had just came out with 2MP camera.

I was thrilled with all the photos I could take and not cost anything. Yes I did have a few printed out.

Boy did I hate the shutter lag and time between photos; also LCD was so hard to see in the sunlight. But it was a fun camera for it's time.

I learned to become a better photographer with it.

Kodak produced a lot of cameras in their Easyshare range. The 2MP models emerged around 2002.

A key feature of the early cameras was the dock that came with many models.

The dock plugged into your computer and as soon as you sat the camera onto it the images were downloaded.

Rather neatly, it also charged the camera at the same time!

Thanks for the submission Ruth.


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