by Brian Eastwood
(Auckland New Zealand)

Kodak DCS 460

Kodak DCS 460

Kodak DCS460 was a 6 megapixel DSLR which I purchased in 1996. It was the first digital camera I had used that allowed me to shoot people as it was a one shot camera.

As well as shooting to a card I was also able to shoot tethered to a computer using the Kodak Photodesk software.

Before I purchased this camera I also used a Dicomed DCII Digital camera back which was attached to a Hasselblad camera body.

This camera took three shot one each through a Red, Green and Blue filter. the three shots were then joined together by the computer program. This was no good for shooting moving subjects.

Brian is clearly an early adopter!

The Kodak DCS 460 was a fine camera for its day, and really only reserved for professional use - it cost absolutely thousands! (I think around the US$30,000 was about the price when it was released).

Despite the high price tag, it only offered only ISO 80 sensitivity. This might sound like a limitation when today's DSLRs have a range of 50 - 6,400, but this camera was released when film was still popular.

And with film, once loaded, you only got one sensitivity. If you wanted to increase sensitivity you had to change the film in the camera. So back in 1995 this probably didn't seem so strange.

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