Kodak DC 210

by Mike
(El Cajon, CA)

Great little camera. Only 1mp, but took good images.

2x zoom lens 29-58mm; f/4.0-4.7. Not the fastest, but not bad for its time. Compact flash media, when 32mb was a lot. I still have the camera, in addition to a long succession of Canon digitals.

The Kodak DC210 was a camera produced at a time when Kodak was still pretty keen on selling film.

It came out back in 1998 and of course 1MP was good for a compact digital camera back then. Also interesting, as Mike points out, is the use of Compact Flash memory cards.

Compact Flash cards are still used in digital cameras but they are rare these days - most manufacturers have switched to SD cards.

One plus of the Kodak was the use of AA batteries. Quite a few cameras back then used AA batteries. NiMH batteries were recommended but you could get by with normal AAs - although I did this once and got about 20 photos before the batteries died!

I soon realised camera manufacturers meant it when they said NiMH recommended - Alkaline batteries work in a different way and are just hopeless in most Digital cameras.

Thanks for the submission Mike, and it's nice to see you still have the camera!


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Oct 30, 2015
by: Rejin Carlos

I remember one of my old neighbor’s son used to have this. it was a great camera, sturdy and smooth. The toughness aside it took great looking pics especially if the lighting was good.

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