Kodak 710 and a creative webcam go

by David A Phelps
(Chandler AZ)

Creative webcam go was my first digital camera, it was a webcam that also took 320x480 pictures didn't need to be connected to computer.

My first True Digital camera was a Kodak 710 I think. It was a 5.0 MP camera. It had 10x optical zoom and an even further D zoom (400x I think).

This camera had a SLR style body but wasn't an SLR.

The camera took excellent pictures, had 32Mb internal memory. This was a great camera.
It had a manual mode that gave access to most of the settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO) - this was a great camera, the pictures were very vivid.

Only thing I didn't like was the auto focus. This was useless on very close subjects. I could see it go in and out of focus and stay out of focus.

The 710 was indeed a good camera - that large lens really helped capture good quality images.

It came to the market at the end of 2006, and could use AA batteries - handy if your battery died miles from a shop!

Thanks for the submission David.


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