by Vikas

I was trying to capture the beauty of the Kashmir just after rains.

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There are so many photo opportunities that photographers come across, that fail to have the same impact in print as they did when the photo was taken.

Vikas' photo is a perfect example of this. I'll bet that this part of Kashmir is absolutely stunning. The sort of place you might visit, and remember forever. So why is this photo so flat and unexciting?

Well, let's start with the weather. Almost everywhere looks better when the sun shines. If you have the opportunity to re-visit a place on a sunnier day, do so.

Assuming you have a good day, think of your composition - is there something distracting in the scene? If there is, either move, or hide the distraction behind something else.

In Vikas' photo the power lines really cut into the scene in general. It would have been better to move to a spot where they were out of shot.

But, let's not be too negative! The use of foreground interest is good. The rocks at the bottom of the scene help to add some interest. Click to read a digital photography tutorial on adding foreground interest.

Thanks Vikas for the submission, and I hope the tips here are useful,


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Your Photo
by: Lori Arnold

I don't want to start off with saying anything negative about this shot..so I won't...I basically think this is a good shot..nice colors..it is pretty...looks like somewhere I would rather be...

Ok, now please take this as constructive critisism. When taking shots such as these, you certainly don't want any thing distracting from the beauty of this shot..but there is..and it is downright an eyesore to me...to most as far as good photography is concerned..

TELEPHONE WIRES..never take shots when they are there..it ruins a great photo and basically this would have been a great shot otherwise...don't take this personally, I am saying this to help you in the future...

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