Jenoptik ?

by Steven
(London, UK)

Jenoptik Digital Camera

Jenoptik Digital Camera

My first digital camera was a Jenoptik. I can't remember the exact model number, but I bought it in 2001.

I remember buying it more as a toy than a serious camera. That was probably just as well because I don't remember the photos from it being anything special.

It only had 1.3 megapixels, and I remember that there was no optical zoom, just a digital zoom. I also remember that I could barely use it in low light because the damn thing could never focus!

The thing that I did love at the time was the movie mode. I took loads of movie clips with it. I still have some on my hard drive. I've just looked at them again now, and they aren't particularly great quality either. Funny, because at the time I remember thinking they were great!

I don't actually remember what happened to my Jenoptik. I replaced it with a Minolta F300 and it just got left unused.

It's probably up in the attic somewhere. I'll probably find it when we move. Who knows, it might be worth something then!

(We think the camera Steven is referring to was the "Jenoptik JDC 1.3". It was on sale in the early 2000s - Ed)

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