It was a Sony P100.

by Gabi Jaguaribe
(Fortaleza, CE, Brazil)

Sony P100

Sony P100

I was ree-e-eeally happy, because I got it for my birthday and I was hoping I would get it, but I was 13, that's understandable.

I had no idea how to take good photographs. I just enjoyed that it was one of the best cameras that were to sell in my city.

It was a 5.1 megapixel Sony P100, the bomb between my friends back then.

I didn't even know what photographing was. I just really like taking pictures of myself and my things and my friends(a little possessive ha?).
I wasn't an English speaker back then so I didn't have much information about photography. The websites in portuguese are not that useful.

So I didn't use the camera at all to take creative shots or even beautiful shots, I just took portraits with it and they weren't that good.

One year later I lost it somewhere in the house and my Mom took property of it. Because of my bad grades, I wasn't allowed to use any kind of camera for almost a entire year.

That was when I became in love with photography. I had a lot of free time to think and not a camera to use. So I used to think about the pictures I wanted to take and take them in my friend's cameras :D

Thanks for the post Gabi. Seems a little harsh to take away your camera for bad grades. But who am I to say!

The Sony P100 was a great camera for its day. Released in 2004 and sporting over 5 megapixels it was something rather special.

Interestingly it also featured a manual focus mode. A few manufacturers at the time tried this out, but with limited success. I know not of a single photographer who made use of the manual focussing of these compacts.

Great little camera. I wonder where it went (maybe your Mom still has it?).

Thanks again for the post,


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Feb 24, 2010
by: Gabriela

Well, my Mom just bought my old Sony H-10 from me and now she owns my 2 oldest cameras. At least I know where they are :D

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