by Tinto J Alencherry



This photo was taken to be submitted for a photography competition on Holi.

The photo is taken in Sony Xperia 10 mini pro mobile phone.I like the poetic feel the eye adds and the attractiveness the color combination gives.

I like this shot. I especially like the way Tinto has zoomed right in close to just the eye.

It often works well to focus on smaller details in photos, rather than aim to capture the whole scene.

My father-in-law once told me he wanted copies of just two prints taken at a wedding. Two! I asked him why and his response was that the two he selected had the most people in, and therefore it would be a cheaper way to get a photo of everyone!

Clearly the problem with that approach was that the actual photos were awful. Cheap, yes; quality, no.

Which is one reason why digital photography is so great - very little cost!

And that brings me right back to Tintos photo - zoom in close, give the photo some drama, and get the viewer questioning.

Add to that the vivid colours and clearly we're onto a winner here.

Thanks for the submission.


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