Highway Man

by Tenzin Kalden
(India Delhi)

Well I took this picture in Delhi over the bridge of highway around evening, was trying to capture some great picture of highway motion blur and I put this person just to make feel.

Any advice to get better picture? Thank you.

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This is a really good shot!

But of course, there's no point just saying that. Let's look at why this is a really good shot - and pass on a few tips to other photographers.

First of all, the colours in the photo. This must have been taken when the sun was low in the sky because the colours are nice and rich. It looks like a golden hour photo.

Also, the movement is good in this photo. The blurring of the traffic behind the person on the bridge adds to the scene. This can be achieved by controlling shutter speed. A slower shutter speed will cause this blur effect, a faster one will freeze movement.

Finally, I like the way the scene is set up - with the person on one side and the traffic on the other. Adding a person to a scene like this really adds an extra special something.

Think about it this way - if this were a picture of just the traffic would it look so good? Or, what if it was just a picture of a person standing on a bridge? Combine the two elements and you have a great shot!

As for tips for improvement - I only have one, and it relates to our friend standing on the bridge there - he's a bit out of focus.

It would have been great to have him in sharp focus with the blurry traffic behind.

Overall though, a great shot! Thanks for the submission Tenzin.


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