Higher Power

by Wayne O'Neill
(Long Barn, California, USA)

I recently read that everybody takes pictures of the clouds and the sky and that it is better to find something more unique to shoot.

Then I recalled some shots I took several years ago with a point-and-shoot FinePix E510; this is one of those photos.

I intended to make it B&W but when I removed the color, I felt the picture lost something.

This was taken on an "angry" day from a marina on San Francisco Bay.

The questions about this photo are: was it my experience of being there that makes it interesting? Or do those who weren't there find it just another ho-hum snapshot? Is this picture just a memory jogger for me of a very powerful day and nothing more?

I really like this photo (and apologies for leaving it stuck in the archives for so long!).

One thing to mention is that, when shooting pictures of the sky, some cloud really helps!

If all you have is blue sky, or yellow/orange if the sun's setting, it looks a little boring. Some cloud adds some interest.

What's great about this photo is the sun shining through the cloud - heavenly!

In answer to Wayne's question, I think those who weren't there will find it a powerful shot.

Sure, there are lots of folks photographing the sky, but they don't always have the best subject matter, and, on this occasion, Wayne did.

I suspect that, because of the personal experience of this photo Wayne will gain more from this photo in the longer term, but then, that's probably as it should be.

Best to take photos that you enjoy yourself, and if others like it too, that's a nice bonus!

Thanks for the submission Wayne, and I hope the memories of the day, and the photo that came out of that day, last for a long time to come.


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