Fuji Finepix (I think it was called a Finepix).. Christmas 2005.

by Mike
(Cornwall, UK)

Fuji Finepix

Fuji Finepix

Three megapixels. Macro mode. 2.5 inch screen. Quite well featured, software included stitch for panoramas and various film effects. Took good quality pictures.

A few drawbacks and flaws. The autofocus had difficulty in finding small subjects like insects in macro mode, preferring to focus behind the subject. There was often an annoying amount of shutter delay, and focusing wasn't very quick. The screen was not very robust, and broke after about a year, leading to the premature death of the camera.

Otherwise, it was good value in its day and took very good photos, especially in less demanding circumstances. The software allowed a considerable amount of creative control.

Fuji label the vast majority of thier cameras as 'finepix', so pinning this one down is tricky. The image I've added is a 3PM finepix that was first manufactured in 2004 - so it might be the one Mike owned.

Cameras from this era were notorious for shutter delay - you really needed to plan shots well!

The screens were also not so great, and often it was as easier to frame a shot using the viewfinder (something that has since disappeared from most compact cameras).

Thanks for the post Mike,


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