by Swarup Banerjee
(Kolkata, India)



I am just a beginner and just love a take snaps. So I do not know much about the technical specification of this picture. But I love the color in this picture.

It will be a great help if I got some suggestions about, how can I make my snaps more beautiful....

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Thanks for the submission Swarup. This is an interesting photo, but also a confusing one. I can't work out what it is!

And as a suggestion photos tend to work well when there is something recognisable in them.

It might take some time to work out what that is sometimes, but when you do work it out you get that "Oh yes!" feeling. I just haven't got that "Oh Yes!" feeling with this photo yet.

At first I thought it was sparklers waving around. But then I couldn't work out what the stalks of light were.

Then I thought that it may be a picture of fireworks, but is upside down. But the red "sky" didn't fit.

So I'm at a loss here I'm afraid. As a suggestion, widen out the scene a little and the lights could be placed in context. This would improve the composition.

My other suggestion would be to avoid text on a photo. I realise it is tempting to add your name to your work, but it tends to cheapen the photo rather than improve it.

Worse (I think) is when photographers add their name to their photos but choose a handwriting style font.

Still, enough of my opinions - if anyone else has some comments we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again for the submission Swarup,


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What the picture is...
by: Onyx

I think it is a picture of the sparks that fall to the ground from someone welding. Nice picture.

However I think having the welder in this shot would have been nice to see.

Pretty sure I'm right and wanted to help everyone else see it.

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