Farm house

by Jacklyn Dashno
(swansboro nc)

This photo was actually taken in MI at greenfield village. It's an outside museum that Henry Ford put together.

I love this photo for some reason. I have it up on my wall and people ask me all the time where I bought it from. I just say "I took that" I wouldn't call it photography quality, but I do think its one of my best that I've done.

I used a Canon S5 which I know is just a point and shoot. I got rid of it after and bought a Nikon. Which I love by the way!.

I'd like to get some kind of feed back on this, and just see what people think.

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by: Jacklyn Dashno

Yes I agree with you. When I took it I wasn't really thinking about that. I was at an out door Museum with the family and was just taking pictures as we walked by different places.

When I go back next year im getting another one, LEVEL! that's the one thing that really bothers me also. Thank you!!

Isn't it a bit wonky?
by: Anonymous

My thoughts on the photo...well, the thing that really strikes me is that it's wonky. The row of posts in the foreground appear level but the building itself is tipping downwards.

I'm assuming that the building was vertical, but the road (with the posts) was on a slope; and it looks to me like the posts were lined up horizontally whereas I would have preferred to see the building horizontal.

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