by Minette Hanekom
(New Zealand)

Daniel and Leeu

Daniel and Leeu

This is a picture of my little boy at 11 months and our Bengal kitten Leeu.

It was taken in our house at the front door. The yellow light came from the yellow window they were sitting next to.

I used my Canon 1000D (Rebel XS) without flash. Can't remember all the other settings, but almost certain it was just on auto mode.

I'm a Graphic Designer, but also love photography. Even though I'm an amateur, I know a good shot when I see one and always try to capture 'moments' like the one above.

I would love to be a proffesional photographer and know that it must be really hard work. Photography is a passion and can just imagine how rewarding it must be to capture a stunning 'moment' and be able to share it with the world.

To all the amateurs out there - keep on trying, never give up, patience are rewarding!


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