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This was taken at a window on the third floor of the building where we study.

He's my friend, and we tried to take a picture of him while he was looking outside. Made some editing. There.

Not sure what editing was done on this photo; but remember, photography is a little like computer programming – rubbish in, rubbish out!

There are photos that even Photoshop would be hard-pressed to save.

The reason I’m saying all this? Because no matter what editing was done on Joie’s photo there must have been a reasonable photo to start with. And this was more than reasonable!

So what makes it such a good shot? In this photo there are three key elements – first the light. By taking the photo with light coming from just one source (in this case the window) it has cast dramatic shadows across the scene.

Second element – the model’s pose. A good model can make or break a photo, and here Joie’s model has got that “wistful” look peering out of the window.

Third – the use of a dark frame around the image. It suits the feel of the photo and also draws the viewer into the scene.

It’s a great photo, and there’s only one thing I would look to change – perhaps too much darkness at the bottom of the photo. Cropping it to just below the sole of the model’s left foot would balance the photo just a little better.

Click to read a digital photography tutorial on how to crop.

All in all though, great photo!


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