by Gerrit
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

This was a photo taken in my garden of flowers still wet from the rains.

I then played with the photo with my photo software and came up with this.

It would be interesting to find out what changes Gerrit made with software.

I find it quite dark myself, which does give the image a certain eerie feel. And quite likely this was the result Gerrit had in mind.

Anyway, I like the photo and am interested to find out what others think.

Thanks for the submission Gerrit.


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by: Gerrit

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments. The idea I had behind this is to create a sombre almost gostly look of what is in fact a pretty bright flower.

I am very pleased with your comments taking into consideration the fact that this was taken about a week after I puschased my camera gear and ventured into the world of photography. Needless to say I am hooked!!!! And have since purhased various aditions to my gear.

Once again, thank you for the very useful comments.


Your photo
by: Anonymous

Hey, sorry but I am just not crazy about this shot.

It is too dark which makes it so hard to see what it is, so therefore not interesting...light is the key to photography, you need it at the right balance or it just is not viewable.

Black and white is good, but if it is too dark such as this photo, well it just makes it not good! Sorry~!! Take it as constructive critisism!!

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