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Digital Photography Tutorials - Ivan's Party Watcher

Ivan submitted the photo below to the digital photography tutor page to be critiqued.

Ivan was pleased with the photo, but felt there might be more that could be done with it.

Ed suggested a better crop, and some minor image editing. (roll your mouse over the image to see the two photos)

Photograph of a party watcher - submitted to digital-photography-tips.net by Ivan Huckerby

The changes Ed made were made in Photoshop CS, but could be done with even the most basic of image editing software.

First he cropped the image, to lose some of the emptiness on the left of the photo. Then he increased the contrast a little, and boosted the saturation.

Finally he added a touch of sharpening to the photo.

Most of this work was done on new adjustment layers (which give more control), but the steps could simply be followed as they are in any image editing software. And the result is above.

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