How to make a good digital camera comparison

Before choosing your new digital camera read this digital camera comparison guide.

Digital cameras can be expensive; this page will help you make a wise choice of digital camera without wasting your hard earned cash!

The first thing to consider before you do anything else is think about how you are going to use your new digital camera.

Be honest with yourself - you may dream of being the fast shooting journo' – but are you really going to be chasing movie stars trying to get a scoop?

If you already have in mind a move up from a digital compact camera to a digital SLR camera, or just want to switch from a film SLR to digital, click here to read the advantages of digital SLRs.

What type of photographer are you?

Digital Camera Comparison - Intended use:

The first thing to consider when thinking of buying a new digital camera is how you intend to use your shiny new gadget. People generally fall into one of three categories:
  • Snappers – My brother is a bit like this. He isn't too bothered by top picture quality. He just wants a simple point n' click camera that produces reasonable digital photographs.

  • Hobbyists – these people want to get a little creative at times. Perhaps a few close ups, the odd clever slow motion night shot and so on.

  • Pro/Semi-pro – these people want a camera that delivers top quality photographs. They want a fast operating camera that's also adaptable. They usually want granite-like construction too!

So, before you do anything else, decide what category you fall into. Once you have decided you should then consider pixel count, cost, style and size.

I've heard of Megapixels - how many do I need?

Digital Camera Comparison - Pixel count:

Digital camera manufacturers use pixel count in the same way car manufacturers use 0-60mph speed times. The car that goes from 0-60 in 9 seconds must be better that the car that takes 10 seconds, right? Don't be suckered in! It's a marketing gimmick more than anything else.

Where I live the traffic is so bad I'm never going to notice the difference anyway!

My advice – when choosing a new digital camera don't get caught up in the race to get even more pixels, it will cost you more money, and you are unlikely to even notice a difference. Click to find out why you should treat pixel count with caution in your digital camera comparison.

Not all digital cameras cost a fortune

Digital Camera Comparison - Cost:

digital camera comparison quote If you have just won the lottery, by all means go and spend your winnings. Buy a top of the range shiny new digital camera. Heck, buy five of them!

For those of us without lottery winnings to draw upon we have to be a little more careful when making our digital camera comparison.

If you have a sum of money in mind for the purchase of your digital camera try to stick to it.

There's a lot of digital photography equipment out there to make your digital camera comparison from. There will be something in your price range, I promise! Read more on cost plus 5 Tips to save you money

Don't ignore the style

Digital Camera Comparison - Style:

Personally, I buy a digital camera because it does what I want it to do.

My brother (a far more stylish person than me!) wouldn't be seen dead with a brick of a camera around his neck. No matter how good it was.

There's nothing wrong with that. My advice to you – be honest with yourself.

When shopping for a digital camera do give style some consideration. If you don't like the look of a certain camera and wouldn't dare to take it out in public, then don't buy it.

Better to have a camera you are happy to use than one that sits on the shelf at home. At least that way you will get some photographs!

digital camera

It's true - size really does matter!

Digital Camera Comparison - Size:

Digital cameras range from those so small they fit on your key ring to something so large it almost requires a fork-lift truck to carry the thing!

Thankfully you don't have to choose between the two because they come in every size imaginable.

Generally speaking, the snappers have it easy – these cameras are small and light and will easily fit into your pocket.

Hobbyists' digital cameras are larger. They are often awkward shapes too. Bear shape in mind in your digital camera comparison.

Pro/semi-pro cameras are bricks! I have one, but then I'm prepared to lug it around in a bag everywhere I go (not sure my wife is so keen though!).

Read more about why the size and type of digital camera is important in your digital camera comparison.

Ready to choose your new digital camera?

Hopefully the advice here has helped you to identify what you need in a camera. Below are some links to other pages that might also be of use to you when making a digital camera comparison.

I recommend you have a read through them, because, after all, digital cameras are expensive, please don't make an expensive mistake!