Classic Car

by Brian
(Derbyshire )

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Hi I'm pretty new to digital photography only buying my camerea a few months ago.

This is one of a set I took at a recent classic car show. Shot in colour converted and edited in photoshop.

Would appreciate any comments and advice.



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First of all, apologies for not posting this one on the site sooner - now the dust is settling a bit in my family life I've got an opportunity to go back through the backlog of submissions. Sorry Brian!

In terms of black and white photography - terrific! It's sometimes difficult to know what makes a good black and white picture. My duck test is a good way to explain it. Basically, something with a good range of light to dark (contrast) works well, as do simple compositions.

Looking at Brian's photo he's ticked both those boxes. The contrast is good - from the bright chrome to the dark bodywork. And the composition is perfectly simple. A few geometric lines is all that was required.

It's difficult to find any fault with this photo, but as Brian has asked for any comments or advice who am I not to oblige?

The first thing I would look at is the focal points in the photo. Lovely though the picture is my eye is drawn to the badge on the car. And I feel it's in the wrong place in this photo. I think it sits too near the bottom of the picture. (The rule of thirds is always a good starting point for composition - but remember that is is only a starting point!)

I'm also guessing that the radiator grille of this car extends quite a way down?

I would have shifted my angle just a little so that the badge sits higher up and there is more of the grille. Because the grille consists of straight lines it would fit perfectly with one key element of black and white photography.

I realise that by doing so the "flying W" might get lost at the top of the photo - unless you take the photo in portrait rather than landscape.

And that's my second suggestion; perhaps the photo would have worked that little bit better in portrait. This would have allowed space for the two key focal points of the photo (the badge and the flying W), would have allowed for more of the grille and wouldn't have lost any other aspect of the shot.

But you know what, these are really small things and there is nothing at all wrong with the photo as it is.

That said, everyone seems to have an opinion on these things so if you'd like to have your say please do so by using the comment link below.

Nice shot Brian, thanks for the submission.

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