Casio EX-Z60

Casio EX-Z60 camera

Casio EX-Z60 camera

It was good, it served its purpose and it took really high quality pictures for a camera that inexpensive and that small.

It had a couple problems focusing, and the screen didn't do my pictures justice, but it was a great starter camera.

It still works, five years since I got it. It's practically indestructible. :D

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I always thought it was strange when Casio (known more for calculators and watches) got into the photography business.

Although the first Exilim was released in 2002 Casio actually started making digital cameras as far back as 1995.

It was the Exilim series that really made people sit up and listen though, mainly because the Exilim cameras were (and still are) very slim compact models.

In terms of style, they certainly had it! I remember my brother buying one - mainly because it was a stylish electronic gadget!

He left his out in the rain on a camping trip and sadly it didn't live to take another photo. I'm pleased to hear your's is still going well!

One of the neat little features of the Casio EX-Z60 was image stabilisation. This allowed the photographer to take sharp photos in lower light.

However, as was pointed out before, they did struggle to focus in poor lighting so it wasn't (and still isn't) a complete cure for blurry photos.

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