Canon G2

by Denear
(Montreal, Canada)

Canon G2 Camera

Canon G2 Camera

I still have this camera, which my mother now uses. She is 79 years old, and she very much enjoys this as well.

I plan on converting this to IR (Infrared) when my mother is done with it, as it takes very good shots. I may decide to convert a DSLR instead, as I have graduated to DSLRs, first a 20D and now a 40D.

Before moving into the DSLRs, I did shoot with a Canon Pro1 for a year. This was a good intermediate step to the DSLR, as I was an avid SLR shooter in the past.

I guess you can tell by now that I am a Canon enthusiast.....

(The Canon G2 was released in 2001. It had a 3x zoom lens and 4 megapixels - Ed)

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Dec 22, 2007
Me also!
by: Olly

I had one of these too. I only parted with it this year. I gave it to my brother who, I believe, then gave it to his kids to use. It was a brilliant camera!

The picture quality was good, good enough for what I used it for (holidays mostly, and the odd family occasion).

The only real downside as far as I can remember was time it took to get going. I got so used to seeing that lens slowly extend that I didn't realise how slow it was - until I got a new camera this year (Canon Ixus 65).

That's the only downside as far as I can tell. Great camera!

Dec 21, 2007
Me too!
by: Gordon

Hey, I had one of those too!

I loved the way you could add extra lenses and filters to the camera (it had that removable ring around the lens) - great idea. I even bought the wide angle lens, it worked a treat!

I seem to remember it took nice photos. I also seem to remember that it took ages to start up. Sure I missed a few shots waiting for it to get going!

I got rid of mine a while back. Sold it to a friend at work (who left, and I don't know where he works now). Was still working well at the time. For all I know it still is!

Memories . . . !!!

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