by Andrew Court
(Johannesburg South Africa)

Model photography is something new to me but when the opportunity arose I gave it a bash. I never used the conventional umbrella flashes and stuff as I dont own any.

For this photo I used natural light and then filled and rimmed with conventional tungsten light.

In other words I pre lit the subject then adjusted in photoshop.

I converted to black and white and fiddled with levels, contrast and exposure till I was happy with the result.

And a good result it it! Lighting can really make or break a photo and, as Andrew has shown, it doesn't need to be expensive studio lights.

Adding light from any source can lift a shot - it could be fixed lights in the room that you sit your subject near, table lamps or even a torch!

If you're outside and need to add a little light a reflector can be used to reflect natural light onto your subject.

A reflector could be a professional one, but it could equally be a large piece of white card.

Here are plenty more ways to take better photos - and as you'll see there's no need to spend a fortune!

Thanks for the submission Andrew,


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