Bride of the Light

by Agne

it was shot by dark and a little light :}

It would be good if Agne could tell us a little more about this photo.

In the meantime, for those wondering what's going on, here's my thoughts on this photo.

At first look, it appears like smoke from a flame. Taking a closer look it's clear there is a person in the middle of the 'flame'.

Let me say first off that I like that sort of photography - the sort that makes you look twice.

The effect Agne has created here is often termed 'painting with light', and here's how you do it . . .

First, you need some darkness. Inside will work well (with the curtains closed of course!), and outside at night will also work well.

You'll need a camera, a tripod (or sturdy place to set your camera), and a small light - a small torch would work well.

Place your subject wherever you want them (they won't come out clearly in the final photo), and then set the shutter on your camera for an exposure of around 15 seconds.

If you have a compact camera this might not be possible, if you have a digital SLR camera you should have no problems. All digital SLRs can do long exposures, you just might need to trawl through some settings first.

Once set, fire the shutter. Then walk the light around your subject. Wave it around a bit, trying not to make it too precise.

What happens is the light from the torch registers on the sensor, but the rest of the scene doesn't because it's blacked out in the darkness.

If you can, give it a go; and thanks Agne for the submission.


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by: ST

This is the sort of tip I like.

Will try it out and if the results are anywhere near as good I'll let you all know.

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