by Charles
(Concord, Ca USA)

This shot was taken out on my front yard.

I took this shot looking up to the sky hoping to get the clouds and the blue sky, which I did and I also wanted to get the colors of the tree as well.

I tried using the flash and it didn't look right so this is as close as I can get to what I wanted. How can I made this picture a lot better?

Once, not so long ago, I was trying to show my daughter how to improve a piece of artwork she was producing.

It wasn't quite up to the standards of the great masters, largely because she's only four years old!

Nonetheless, I was determined to show her how her piece could be improved.

"look out of the window...what more do you, yes, what more? Houses, yes. What more? Trees, yes, what more...?"

And on it went. The trouble is, by this stage she (and me if I'm honest!) had no idea what we were drawing.

Was it a picture of a house? Or was it a car??? We'd overdone it - trying to cram too much in to one picture.

And I think this might be where Charles has headed with this photo.

Beautiful blue sky - must have it in. Tree, yep. Flowers, them too!

Before you know it, you've completely lost sight of the overall photo.

One idea - zoom in close to just one aspect of the photo. Maybe get close to a blossom and make that the main focus for the shot.

The blue sky can still act as a background, but I think all the branches and leaves are just muddying the waters here.

By the way, using flash can work, especially for portraits taken outside as it fills in shadows. But for this type of photo I agree with Charles - it probably won't look right.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the submission,


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