by Jennifer

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Occasionally, I like to go to a local garden with ponds and ducks and find the white ducks ideal for black and white photos.

They provide such a nice contrast.

I also like to wait for the ideal shot, I want my photos to have meaning, rather than just a simple image of a bird.

The photo of the kookaburra was taken at an Wildlife Animal Park in England.

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It's not often you see a kookaburra as far from home as the UK!

Nice set of photos. The contrast between the white ducks and the dark water looks good.

I wonder, were there any loose feathers around? The reason I ask is that a close up of a pure white feather set against a dark background makes for a great black and white photo.

I think my favourite is the second photo with the duck swimming towards the camera. I think it works a little better because the ripples in the water add something to the background.

Just my idle thoughts, I'm sure other's will have theirs.

Thanks for the submission,

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