Biker on the mirror

by Joao Victor
(São Gonçalo, Brazil)

My father and I were taking a friend home, and I was taking pictures with my cell phone VGA camera.

I found the angle of the mirrors very interesting. When we stopped at zebra crossing, I took a picture and a bike came riding in high speed and he was there in the right place and in the right moment!

I feel that it's never going to happen again in all my life!

Joao has captured a nice shot here, and has neatly shown us two “rules” of photography:

One – look for different shooting angles.
Two - always have a camera with you!

Joao says that this photo opportunity may never happen again. I have to disagree. Good photographers increase their chances of getting photos like this because they know where to look for photo opportunities.

The fact that Joao had noticed the interesting shooting angle, and was ready with his camera (well, camera-phone actually!) increased his chances of getting a good photo. (read a digital photography tutorial on shooting angles)

So what’s good about this photo? The movement is good with the blurring of the cyclist. There are also some nice bright colours – the red cyclist, green trees . . .

Improvements? Well, I think a good crop around the wing mirror would make a better photo. There seems to be too much dead space above and to the right of the mirror. (Read a digital photography tutorial on how to crop)

Other than that – a well anticipated shot!


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